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  • The only Fully Accredited university providing degrees on the basis of both Life Experience and Online Equivalency Test.
  • Provides Lifetime Credential Verification Services.
Woodfield University Other Universities

Grants original degrees printed on traditional degree paper with gold plated seal of the University which identifies it as a degree from a reputed and reliable institution.

Provide degrees in form of normal colored printouts without University's gold plated seal.

Only online university to provide flexibility for working adults that they can earn their degrees either on the basis of life/work experience and online equivalency test.

Not offered.

Delivers complete degree package through FREE express shipping that takes less than 15 days. No extra charges!

Not Offered. In case of degree delivery option's availability, it must be checked how much extra money it costs.

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  • Original Accredited Degree
  • 2 Original Transcripts.
  • 1 Award of Excellence
  • 1 Certificate of Distinction
  • 1 Certificate of Membership
  • 4 Education Verification Letters
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