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If you are looking to convert your previous work or life experience into accredited university degrees, Woodfield University provides you the ideal opportunity to do so. Regardless of your age, sex, marital status, or location, you can receive an accredited degree in your desired field. All you need is sufficient work, military, or life experience or classroom education and you are already on your way to a college degree in your relevant field.
Looking to earn accredited degrees?

Without Studying
Without Taking Admission Tests
Without Attending Classes
Without Taking Tests
Woodfield University provides you the perfect opportunity to earn accredited life experience degrees
on the basis of
what you already know.

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Is this program for you?
If you are one of those individuals who are unable to continue their studies, then
this program is meant for you. You can earn a bachelor's, master's , or doctorate degrees on the basis of your
experience and knowledge.
If you have previous life or work experience in ANY field of study
(for example: marketing, sales, accounting, management) you can apply for
any of the degree programs we offer (bachelor's, master's, doctorate, associate,
or high school diplomas).
What Does Life Experience Mean?
Life experience includes all these areas:
Prior job experience in any field
Military training
Previous educational achievements
Employer-sponsored training and attendance of workshops
Participation in organizations, both professional & nonprofessional
Personal goals, lifestyle, hobbies, and travel
Participation in volunteer activities and community service
Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing
Does that make you eligible for am Internet degree based on your prior work /life experience?

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Why Prefer Woodfield For Your Degree?


Full Accreditation
Woodfield is one of the few on-line universities which have accreditation status, i.e. its accredited degrees are accepted worldwide. Why? Because Woodfield University has full-fledged accreditation from the Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education (UAAOE).

Learn more about accreditation

Degrees available in all fields of study
At Woodfield University, degree programs are available in almost every field.

Indeed! Woodfield assures you that your desired field of study will be found in our list of majors. If it isn't
we will not only include it for you, but will hire an evaluation faculty for it!

(Woodfield has been acknowledged by the educational committee for offering the greatest number of majors in 2002.)

Be evaluated by the
expert evaluation faculty at Woodfield University.

Woodfield has one of the largest and most qualified on-line evaluation faculties. The faculty has
the requisite field experience necessary to provide degrees in a very short span of time.
We award degrees in only 15 days! This is the shortest time in which you
can get an ACCREDITED life experience degree via the internet.


The degrees and documents from Woodfield University DO NOT bear the words "online" or "life experience."
Your degree will be just like any other traditional university degree.

Furthermore, unlike other universities, Woodfield actually awards you scores
for the subjects that fall under your field of study on your transcript. This makes sure that your
degree looks like any other traditional degree.

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No Other University Provides:

 Award of Excellence
 Certificate of Membership
 Certificate of Distinction

Your employer’s impression is further enhanced by the documents provided by Woodfield University
along with your degree. Though it's a fact that 99% of on-line universities do not offer any
document except for the degree, Woodfield University not only provides a life experience
degree, but also substantiates it with key documents.

All these documents are inclusive of the package and are totally FREE.

Get all these documents along with your degree for only $275. ORDER NOW!
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Full-Fledged Education Verification

98.5% of employers turn down potential candidates because of the inability of the candidates
to provide substantial education verification. In the United States alone, 20% of all employers want verification of educational documents from the registrar's office of the university which issued them.

Woodfield University offers a full-fledged and rapid system of education verification, enabling you
to provide your employers or educational institutions swift education verification. Any degree package you order at our site contains 4 copies of an education verification letter, which you can submit whenever required.

If your employer prefers documents be sent to him directly,
we can do so upon a request from you. Unlike other universities, Woodfield verifies these documents within 15 days and sends them in the form of an e-mail or fax or by postal mail from the registrar's office of Woodfield University.


If you require additional copies of your education verification letter, you may place an order on
our on-line order form.
E-mail verification is totally free, while fax and postal mail services are available at a very nominal cost.

Woodfield University’s degrees are acknowledged worldwide!

Since Woodfield University’s degrees are accepted and acknowledged worldwide, you can apply
for them from anywhere in the world and utilize them to enhance your personal and career goals.

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Return on Investment Rolling Admission Date No Obligation
These accredited degrees are going to help you secure a better future for yourself. They will provide a return on investment in terms of promotions and better career prospects. If you have not ordered your degree yet, don't postpone it any further. At Woodfield University you can apply any time and get your degree in only 15 days. Applying for a degree at
Woodfield University is quick, easy, and obligation-free.
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prepared to get a degree
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        Woodfield University is offering life experience degrees at the lowest
        possible prices. If degrees are available elsewhere at prices lower than this,
        then BEWARE! Those degrees might not be accredited.

  100% Money-back Guarantee
          Woodfield has a proven high approval rate for degrees, but and if you do
          not qualify for your degree, you  WILL GET ALL YOUR MONEY BACK! 100%!!

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  • Original Accredited Degree
  • 2 Original Transcripts.
  • 1 Award of Excellence
  • 1 Certificate of Distinction
  • 1 Certificate of Membership
  • 4 Education Verification Letters
    All that for JUST $275!

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