Degrees awarded by Woodfield University help our students build successful careers in their chosen fields. Our degrees are recognized as being authentic and are awarded only to those who have met certain eligibility criteria. This recognition is the benefit of Woodfield's status as an accredited institution.


Lifetime Education Verification

Woodfield University offers its students an exclusive education verification service. Your employer or institute
can verify your credentials anytime through any of the following mediums:

Phone Verification

Your employer or institute can call on the toll free Education Verification line anytime and we will verify your credentials. Our advisors are available 24/7 to verify your details.


Education Verification Letters

Students are issued verification letters by the registrar of Woodfield University, providing further authentication of their documents. The Verification letter will contain the link from where your employer or institute can view and verify your credentials. Credentials can be verified 24/7.


Email Verification

On your request, we can email your employer or institute your degrees. Our advisors are available 24/7 to assist you in this regards.


Fax Verification

You can always provide us with your employer or institutes fax number and we will fax the required documents


Education Verification Letter Details

You can now present your credentials to your employers or educational institution with complete confidence and open avenues for a better job and better future prospects for yourself. Woodfield University enjoys global presence and believes in assisting it's alumni with all the facilities it provides, which is why we offer Education Verification through all possible mediums.


Education Verification Benefits

  • Verification letters are issued by the Superintendent of Woodfield University, providing com plete
    authentication of your credentials
  • Free life time credential verification is provided 24x7
  • Employers or Institutes are emailed student's documents with University seal
  • Documents are sent directly to your employer's or institute's address
  • Quick, Easy and Accessible Verification Service

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